Manage your investments in India, the Easy Life® way.

Easy Life® Professional is a personal finance software to manage family finances. Easy Life® helps you in comprehensive financial management for your entire family and covers all major investment avenues in India. You can organize and manage your investment portfolio using Easy Life® covering the following:

Share / Stock Management Manage share applications, share transactions, options, stock split and bonus shares. Download live quote values from NSE / BSE for real time portfolio management. Personal Accounting Enter all transactions related to Income, expenses, borrowed loans, non-life insurance payments. Track and analyze income and expenses over a period. Comprehensive Investment Management covering Real Estate and other assets: Store details of all your real assets including land, building, precious metals, jewellery, electronic and other consumer durables.

Customer Testimonial

I had used EasyLife 4.1, I must tell you it is very easy to operate and so fast to download stock prices & update stock / mutual fund portfolio. EasyLife Professional is very good product to maintain life insurance records and very easy to keep personal information like lockers, land & other assets. Also it produce very informative reports and good service after sales that is my personal experience

Manoj Sharma,

Just wanted to tell you how pleased I am having EasyLife Professional 4.1. This product is very easy to operate bank transaction and cash entry. For maintaining bank/cash entry there is no requirement of accounting knowledge. Bank/Cash ledger reports are very useful. We are managing investment for single investor as well as group wise.

Mr. Ketan Kadakia,

We can easily make Mutual fund transaction like purchase/sale, SIP and dividend re-investment, Portfolio report with latest download NAV compare with purchase rate, (helpful for profit/loss each scheme wise). MF unit statement report to see unit balance for each scheme Import MF transaction entry to avoid manual transaction,